Napoleonic Era.

Historical reproductions of the Davide Pedersoli's rifles and carbines


Reproductions Made in Italy

This muzzle loading section refers to muskets, carbines and pistols equipping the French and the European armies from the middle of the 1700’s and including to the middle of the 1800’s involving the Revolution years and the first French Empire.

An IX De Cavallerie
Ussaro Mod. 1786
1777 Revolutionaire
1777 Corrigé An IX
1809 Prussian
1798 Austrian
An IX Dragoons
An IX De Gendarmerie

First French Empire

The quality of Davide Pedersoli reproductions between the second half of the eighteenth century and the second half of the nineteenth century.


Italian laws require that muzzle loading gun reproduction are proof tested like any modern gun by the National Proof House in Gardone Val Trompia. Only after passing the proof test the gun may be sold. Our muzzle loading guns are manufactured for active shooting with black powder and bullet.

Spare parts availability

In case of wear, breakage, loss of one or more of the 50 parts comprising your Pedersoli reproduction, you can find the spare parts, our ware house constantly stocks all spare parts for the current production guns, ensuring quick service to maintain our guns.

Industrial production and the adherence to manufacturing tolerances

Even though we are manufacturing a product designed and manufactured originally in the eighteen hundred's, using modern materials and technologies both for the metal components and the stocks, which are manufactured with CNC machines and kept under constant quality control by skilled technically trained personnel.

Historically faithful

As does the uniform, the gun too has its own distinct features that may not be visible to inexpert eyes, but they are easily identifiable by those of us, who always pay attention to details, dimensions, marks and cartouches which are faithfully reproduced. There is nothing to invent, our reproductions are the result of meticulous studies and comparisons with the original guns.

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